Rate Your Life

How are your finances, relationships, career, health and spiritual life? Are you growing and developing as a person?

Do you feel you are stuck or have areas to work on?

This is a great tool that is very helpful in taking a hard look at various areas of life.

Click “Start Assessment” and spend a few minutes thinking about how you’re doing in these 6 areas. A low score, such as 1 or 2, means you are not pleased and have some work to do to get healthier in that category. A score of 8 or 9 will show that you are doing well and are healthy in that category. Then click “See your wheel” to create a pattern. You will get a very visual picture of your life.

Look at the pattern created by six choices. Ideally your score will be in the shape of a circle; if it’s not, you will see what you may need to work on to be more healthy and balanced.

This is a helpful tool to consider what areas you may want to be focusing on in your own personal development.


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