02 Jan 2023

What are your goals for the new year? Sorry, this is not an article about New Year’s resolutions, but please read on. When the year changes, cultural stories and expectations...

True Lenten Discipline

09 Mar 2022

We begin the second week of Lent, forty days set aside in the Christian church for reflection, self-examination, and sometimes fasting. I recently came across a very different challenge in...

Be A Heretic Like MLK

01 Feb 2022

Americans remember the social change agent, Dr. Martin Luther King who became a leader of the civil rights movement in the U.S., peacefully working to influence attitudes and policy to...

075: Intentional Choices

15 Jul 2021

We are the most overstimulated people in human history, bombarded with thousands of media messages every day. Everyone is fighting for our attention, from social media to news outlets. We...


19 Jun 2021

Human capacity is a topic I have been thinking a lot about lately. After my second Covid vaccine, I suffered mild symptoms of aches and chills for a day. I...

074: Friendships

23 May 2021

This special episode begins with Dr. Deb reviewing what social science tells us about relationship characteristics during various life stages. Addressing a college class, she then encourages the students to...


22 Feb 2021

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” – Helen Keller Sometimes life begs our attention. COVID has done that for me as...

Spiritual Adjustment

16 Feb 2021

Self-reflection and penitence are long-standing traditions in many faiths and cultures. There seems to be a common understanding that human beings often drive, lose perspective and need periodic adjustments to...

073: Good Enough

08 Feb 2021

“Go for good enough. Worrying is often triggered by wanting to make the perfect choice or by trying to maximize everything.” – Alex Korb, The Upward Spiral Jeannette Slater and...

She Was A Runner

31 Jan 2021

She was a runner. That’s why she showed up at a particular house in the piney woods of East Texas. I don’t know what she was running from, where she...

072: Second-Order Change

23 Aug 2020

How are you responding to world events (the pandemic, economics, civil unrest, etc.)? Are you waiting for when things get back to “normal?” Things will likely never be the same,...

You Are Contagious

22 Mar 2020

Did you know you are contagious? In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re all thinking a lot about how we can potentially infect each other (or not!). In fact,...

Who Was St. Patrick?

17 Mar 2020

Who was Saint Patrick, the patron saint of the Irish whose name represents all things green? Because of the holiday—St. Patrick’s Day celebrated every March 17th—you might think this historical...

New BEginnings

01 Jan 2020

With the new year come expectations for improvement and pressure to come up with goals. Many websites and publications are full of articles on making resolutions.  Gym parking lots are full...

What Is Advent?

30 Nov 2019

Holiday music is playing in the stores.  Newspapers land on doorsteps swollen to twice their normal size because of ads. Boxes are pulled from attics and garages with adornments for...

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