074: Friendships

23 May 2021

This special episode begins with Dr. Deb reviewing what social science tells us about relationship characteristics during various life stages. Addressing a college class, she then encourages the students to...

060: The Enneagram

29 May 2018

The Enneagram is a personal development tool you can use to understand the strategies you use to control situations and how to use that information to get healthier. Jeannette Slater...


25 Dec 2017

During holidays, many of us spend extra time with friends and family. Sometimes we get offended. How do we respond? This is a timely post by Renee Pomarico, a Catholic missionary...

What Matters Most?

11 Oct 2017

What Matters Most? Many would say we live in chaotic times. We deal with the challenges and stresses of daily life. Getting to work. Managing a home. Shuttling kids. Nurturing...


04 Jul 2017

As The United States celebrates its Independence Day, I thought it fitting to consider various forms of dependency. Dependence is defined as the state of needing something or someone else....

047: Gratitude

21 Aug 2016

Jeannette Slater & Dr. Deb discuss a cure to many ills and stresses: gratitude! The episode is full of reminders and perspective that we often lose as we experience everyday...

044: Independence

04 Jul 2016

As The United States of America celebrates its birthday, Jack Woloshun & Dr. Deb thought it a good time to discuss various types of dependence and independence we have in...

Mama Knows Best

23 Mar 2016

“Some people come into your life for a lifetime and some come for a season; you have to know which is which. And you always gonna mess up when you...

Nonverbal Communication

04 Nov 2015

A  guest article by Jennifer Larson “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” Peter Drucker We all have an invitation to honor people in our lives....

What Matters

20 Apr 2015

There is nothing like facing your own mortality to bring astonishing clarity about what’s important. Bryan was an ordinary guy who died and came back. Below is his story in...


02 Mar 2015

The question has been rolling around in my spirit since I read it two weeks ago. It is a question haunting me: “Where am I trapped and unable to see it?”...

Valuing Relationships

21 Oct 2014

Twenty friends had gathered to celebrate my birthday. What was lovely is that the evening was not all about me, it was about friendships. Some were new friends, some relationships...

3 Little Words

04 Sep 2014

Grant James is a well-known actor and friend of mine from Dallas. In fact’ he’s in Dumb and Dumber To with Jim Carrey that will be released in November. Jim recently had a...

The Podcast Is Here!

29 Aug 2014

The Get Control Of Your Life Podcast is here! It includes conversations between Dr. Deb and all sorts of fascinating people who have worked hard to get control of their lives....

Family Ties

13 Aug 2013

Poet and humanitarian Mya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 


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