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All That Jazz

30 Apr 2019

April 30th is International Jazz Day! The U.S. National Museum–called The Smithsonian–calls jazz both a historic and living American art form. It may have been born in the U.S., but...

Hope For A New Year

13 Jan 2018

HOPE! There is something hopeful about new things. New babies seem to represent the promise of a bright future. Springtime brings new life from the death and dormancy of autumn...

049: Planting God

12 Oct 2016

Derek Schoenhoff talks about his just-released book, Planting God, an attempt to make God more accessible to everyone. Dedicated to rethinking stereotypical concepts of God, many of which are inconsistent...

Magic Eraser

03 Nov 2014

Mr. Clean has a whole line of “Magic Erasers” that promise to remove dirt, scuffs, soap scum and other nastiness of life. But what if there was a product to...

002: Living With Purpose

20 Aug 2014

In episode 002, Dr. Deb interviews John Henry about Living With Purpose. John is the director of student mobilization at University of the Nations. He introduces students to overseas volunteer projects....


01 Nov 2013

In addition to sharing thoughts with you, I like to share resources that I find to be helpful. Here is a video on The Power of Vulnerability by Sociologist Brené Brown....

Fear of Freedom

27 Aug 2013

Many things speak to us. Nature. Music. A glance. Words. Art. While searching the web for art reproductions, I came across this piece, titled, Fear of Freedom, by photographer and...


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