True Lenten Discipline

09 Mar 2022

We begin the second week of Lent, forty days set aside in the Christian church for reflection, self-examination, and sometimes fasting. I recently came across a very different challenge in...

Spiritual Adjustment

16 Feb 2021

Self-reflection and penitence are long-standing traditions in many faiths and cultures. There seems to be a common understanding that human beings often drive, lose perspective and need periodic adjustments to...

What is Easter, really?

01 Apr 2018

Easter is not just a holy day, it is a holy season where Christians engage in self-reflection, as do other religions. Coinciding with spring in the northern hemisphere, (where most...

What Does It Mean?

31 Mar 2018

These few days are undoubtedly the most important in the Christian calendar; they are centerpieces of the faith. But there is no one-way to view the death and resurrection of...

Live Intentionally

31 Mar 2015

Do you struggle with keeping a healthy perspective? I have made multiple changes in my life in the past couple of years. After traveling extensively to teach and produce videos...


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