074: Friendships

23 May 2021

This special episode begins with Dr. Deb reviewing what social science tells us about relationship characteristics during various life stages. Addressing a college class, she then encourages the students to...

Pain Lessons

13 Jul 2017

You can’t always get what you want. So said the great musical poet, Mick Jagger in the Rolling Stones classic song. How do you respond when you don’t get what...


01 Mar 2016

Do you have good friends? I really mean outrageously committed, better-than-you, willing-to-go-the-mile friends who love you at your best AND your worst? I often reflect on my life that has...


08 Jun 2015

There are friends by convenience. There are friends by blood. There are TV, Friends. And there are friends you deliberately choose to share life with (that make TV Friends look...


09 Apr 2015

“Interdependence is the relationship between two or more living things where each one benefits from the other.” I love that definition.* Introduction by Dr. Deb: In my interpersonal communication class...


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