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We recognize that life can get complicated and challenging. As you read some of the articles on Get Control of Your Life, you may be motivated to make some changes to see your life become not only more manageable, but the thrilling adventure it should be!! There is a good chance you can’t do it alone…or you would have already done it!!

Why not form a team around you to support you in your quest? This team may include friends and family, but also someone on your team who is more objective – someone who is totally for you and does not have any "skin in the game."  In other words, you need someone who will help you ask the hard questions about what is holding you back, help you sort out your best options, and support you 100% in the goals you choose. That person would be a life coach. If you missed it, read this article about life coaching.

Jeannette Slater and Dr. Deb are both trained, experienced coaches and would love to join your team. If you would like to explore this option and engage a life coach for a complementary half hour experience in coaching, contact us using the form below.



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