The Right Gifts

19 Dec 2018

Gift giving at Christmas has its roots in remembering and commemorating two actions: First is the gift of God’s Son, Jesus, to make right all that had gone wrong in...

Enjoying The Holidays

22 Dec 2015

I could have titled this article, “Surviving The Holidays,” but that had such a negative tone! I also thought of, “Staying Safe Over The Holidays,” but that sounded so pessimistic....

What took me so long?

27 Jul 2015

Did you ever do anything, and then wonder why it took you so long? I’ve lived near the Rocky Mountains for almost 20 years; I’ve wanted to go camping—real camping—for...

Time = $

04 Mar 2015

How much is your time worth? There is a popular saying based on a faith principle: “You have not because you ask not.” This week I spent almost an hour...

Money is Spiritual

24 Feb 2015

Have you ever considered that money is a deeply spiritual issue? If you think like most people, you probably haven’t, as spirituality and “the rest of life” have been separated...


18 Dec 2014

This is a short video produced by a communication company in Thailand. The message is universal…and always timely. Watch it and look for ways you can pay it forward.

Going Green

14 Mar 2014

Everybody wants us to be green. What I found is that as I started to become green (environmentally responsible), I also got to keep more green (as in saving money)!...

Vacation Spending

22 Jun 2013

We tend to spend too much money on vacation. It’s like we cast our logic to the wind. Maybe we’re in the “I deserve it” mode. Then things end up...

How Old Is Your Money?

04 Jun 2013

How old is your money? I recently visited the Santa Rita winery in Chile, South America. There I learned about the winemaking process, tasted a few wines and laughed with...


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