062: Intentional Career

17 Jul 2018

Have you been intentional in your career choices? Peter Strand is a designer, dancer, opera singer, web programmer and much more with a compelling story. He’s driven a New York...

I Quit!

04 Feb 2018

“Quitters never win and winners never quit.” So said American football legend Vince Lombardi in what has become conventional wisdom. But sometimes, conventional wisdom isn’t very wise. In his little...

Personal SWOT

25 Jul 2017

SWOT is an acronym for an assessment often used in teams; it stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. But a SWOT analysis is not just a business tool. It can be...

Effective Presentations

07 Oct 2015

Perhaps you have sat through ill-crafted presentations with PowerPoints that just about killed you! Well don’t do the same to others! If you are one who has to give speeches,...

What Would You Do?

14 Sep 2015

Would you kiss butt to get a promotion? Enjoy a guest post by Terry W. Blevins: When in high school, my son told me that his personal ethics prevented him...


17 Jun 2015

You ended up grabbing the first thing that came along because you needed to pay the rent and eat. The job didn’t turn out they way you thought it should....


04 Jun 2015

The fifth growth force found in nature that we are exploring in this series is symbiosis. Each growth force, when applied to our life can increase the potential for health...

Being and Doing

24 Mar 2015

Are you chronically busy? Or are you sometimes content to just sit, enjoy the moment, and be? The Western world has pretty much made an idol of busyness. Work is...


22 Jan 2014

We all have to fit into various roles in our families, careers and life. Here is an article about adjusting and making roles fit you rather just making you fit...

Finding Your Why

21 Jun 2013

What do Martin Luther King, Apple, and the Wright brothers have in common? They think, act, and communicate the same way–and it’s opposite to everyone else. So says Canadian, Simon...

Finding Your Jobs

11 Jun 2013

As I watched the live broadcast of the recent Apple Developer’s Conference, I couldn’t help but think of the late Steve Jobs. He was the mastermind of Apple hardware and...

Career Goals

21 Mar 2013

“ If you don’t set goals for yourself, you’re doomed to achieve the goals of someone else.” – As cited by Dan Miller in EntreLeadership podcast, Dec 19, 2011 Miller...


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