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Intentional Journey is an initiative to help you succeed in life by linking you with ideas, resources and inspiration related to personal development, money, career, spirituality, relationships, and health and fitness.

While many magazines and blogs promote personal development and self-help, this one has a unique foundation in psychological, sociological and spiritual themes. It is dedicated to ideas, tools, and strategies for being whole and healthy in every aspect of life.

Many initiatives famously give you lists and formulas that are supposed to give you easy life hacks. But life is not easy; there are no shortcuts to character development, success or happiness. What we try to do here is encourage your thinking, personal growth, and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re put off by the term, “spirituality,” please don’t be. You are a spiritual being, whether you like it or not; you love, create and think new thoughts, which are all spiritual traits! What we offer here is not the same-ole (sometimes bullshit) religion you may have grown up with. Rather we want to apply progressive thinking in our spiritual quests and create a life where every aspect is connected, whole and healthy.

Intentional Journey is brought to you by me, Debra Buenting (Ph.D. Communication) better known to my students as Dr. Deb. I teach communication courses as diverse as interpersonal communication, public relations and intercultural communication at several colleges and universities. I’ve had an extraordinary life filled with educational opportunities, outstanding experiences, and travels that took me all over the world. I love to understand how people, societies, and things work, while also recognizing the incredible diversity and complexity of all things. That is why I think clichés, formulas and easy answers are inadequate. Rather, critical thinking, outside perspectives, spiritual quests and a commitment to growth are so helpful. I tell my students, “You have unique gifts to bring the world, which is why it’s so important you know who you are and what you’re good at; if you don’t, the world will suffer because no one else can bring what you bring.”

Jeannette Slater is a major contributor to Intentional Journey, submitting in-depth articles and appearing frequently on the podcast. She was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa), making her a Third Culture Kid (TCK). Growing up outside the U.S. helped Jeannette develop a love and appreciation for cultural diversity, critical thinking, and community. She earned her master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Studies and Leadership from Fuller Seminary/School of Intercultural Studies and has spent most of her working life empowering leaders around the world through workshops, small groups, classes, mentoring, and writing. Since 1995, Jeannette has logged more than 1700 hours coaching individuals and teams to be more effective at accomplishing their goals. She says, ” I believe every person has a great capacity to influence not only their own path but also contribute to the world around.”

There is also a small group of creative communicators behind the scenes who have donated their talents in programming, graphic design, and content generation. Many thanks to Rodney Blevins and Eric Mugele for their IT support, Rita Burke of Burke Promotions for her excellent design skills and all the others who contribute content from time to time.



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