Detoured Intentional Journey

13 Nov 2020
What do you do when your intentional journey is detoured by powers bigger than you? So asked Marcie Mayer as she wrote this guest article.
A car accident, a torn ACL requiring surgery, or worse yet a virus pandemic causing worldwide anxiety and consuming the world using up emergency hospital resources (this ain’t an ACL surgery and recovery).
How do we respond when our journey is waylaid by an enemy that threatens the journey of the whole world?  We did not ask for this! Nothing we did merits this punishment! Who can we trust? Who will protect us? Why is this happening? How can this be? And what do we do?
Do we grab up all the toilet paper?  Do we rush to the gun store and buy things we never imagined would be in our home? Do we potentially put others and ourselves at risk because we refuse to wear a mask in defense of our “rights?”
Our hard work to be intentional in our life journey can seem undone by a virus that came from somewhere else. We do not know how to respond, but we think must look out for ourselves. That is what life in our capitalist, individualistic, every person for themselves society demands. Or not.
Perhaps being intentional requires a few deep breaths (hold a role of TP if needed) and a question to self:  “What action is best for the journey of the greater good of my fellow humans?” What will be the effect of my actions? Will my response to this detour add to the public panic and self-service?  Or can my actions be soothing, calming, encouraging, and helpful?
I encourage us all to take back our intentionality, take back our control, and govern our actions by thinking beyond ourselves.
Marcie Mayer is a retired colonel who flew planes for the Air Force and taught at its academy. She is passionate about justice, compassion, and beauty. She is a transgender woman who loves bluegrass, poetry, family, good wine, and deep friendships.


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