Finding and Living Your Ideal Day (& Year!)!

01 Jan 2018

If someone asked you what your ideal day would look like, how would you describe it? Then if you had to live that day every day for the next year, how would you feel about it? Would it still be ‘ideal’ after a year? What about a lifetime?

My husband and I were talking about looking ahead to the New Year and the different ways people plan or make resolutions or hope for what is to come. He said that he remembered Tony Robbins saying that you should imagine your ‘ideal day’ then try and live that day today; then just do that for the rest of your life…mmm…Right!?!?!

As we discussed this we both laughed and said that we like variety and to do the same thing, no matter how much fun or ideal it was, would bore us to tears. The only thing we could come up with is getting up without an alarm going off and drinking a cup of really good coffee…from there…???

Though I’ve never followed Robbins, I know he’s helped a lot of people live meaningful lives so I continued to ponder the question. I don’t know the context of the original question but I began to think of it in a different light than “What would you do in your ideal day?”

What if you asked the question HOW would you live your ideal day?–instead of what you would DO?  In other words, what would you BE, not what would you DO? This changed the answer dramatically for me!

On my ideal day, I would get up with hope in my heart and face the day with anticipation of good things to come. I would totally enjoy the early morning…yes, with coffee…and be grateful for my life. I would faithfully engage the activities of my day without resentment or fear. I would greet each person with love and grace. I would live generously and extend myself and my resources on behalf of others and strive to make a positive difference in the world around me. I would face each challenge with courage believing that there is a good way forward. I would conclude my day with a sense of peace, letting go of those things that didn’t go according to plan and be thankful for the many opportunities I had to feel God’s presence.

What would your ideal day be like?

Would you like to live that way for the rest of this new year? For the rest of your life?



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