Life’s Teachers

02 Aug 2017

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

How willing are you to learn from others? Here is a lovely guest article by Jennifer Larson.

Our interview rooms were side by side down the last aisle in the Kansas City Department of Children & Family Service Center. I was a new caseworker and Kimberly was a ten year seasoned worker. Our duties included interviewing clients face to face for state and federal assistance programs. Kim had a remarkable way of reaching out to clients in their time of need.

I leaned on her knowledge and expertise when I needed another set of eyes during moments of uncertainty. At the time, I had no idea her mentoring would reach far beyond the workplace.

I think we gain valuable insight and courage from the people with whom we cross paths. They help us face adversity and change when we need it the most and when we least expect it.

The term “teacher” should not be reserved for academia; teachers are, in every sense of the word, our family, friends, partners, coaches, coworkers, and, sometimes, even strangers.

Who are the teachers in your life?

How magnificent would it be if you could gather all of the mentors from your life into one room – all of the outstanding souls who have inspired your passions, your talents, and your dreams? Think about all the unforgettable people who help guide you towards the things you’re the most passionate about. Competitive coaches, determined teachers, relentless parents, and unfiltered partners. Though often unforeseen, many of these people have a hand in helping you navigate your way through life. They influence and assist both your personal and your professional growth.

Our friendships and our romantic relationships often go unnoticed as the ones that reveal the most. These are the people that not only help you rebuild your dreams; they also remind us to have them.

Our “teachers” ignite the light in us all and remind us we are still young at heart and unstoppable. Through our dynamic relationships, they have the ability to help us indulge in our greatness, and to take pride in our winnings.

Someone close to me once said, “I don’t think we met to magnify ourselves, but, rather to magnify the other.”

Sometimes our version of ourselves is often skewed. It is through our personal connection with other people that we not only see our lack of luster but also our shine.

When life invites us to stand beside someone even after we’ve spoken your truth, you don’t hesitate. You just say yes. These are the moments and the people that matter.

Sometimes the people that leave the largest imprints on us are the ones we know the least. It is our brief interactions with people and an often-overwhelming fear of judgment that force us to uncover our own insecurities. These interactions deliver the truth about us and alter our perceptions of the world; they become life lessons that add up over time and help us reset our priorities.

Take the best from all of these interactions — The individuals who create deeply personal connections as well as the fleeting strangers that drift through our lives. These individuals establish the upper boundaries of our emotional classroom. Taken collectively, these teachers guide our life’s education. If you can harness the lessons they are willing to teach then your ability to learn has no limits.

Who are your teachers? And are you listening?

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