Top 10-#9 People Are Irreplaceable

23 Jun 2017

When you enter or leave a room, the room is different. That’s because you bring things no one else can bring.

You bring the totality of who you are to every situation: your history, personality, gifts, passions, spirit–everything!

You communicate you, and you do it all the time.

In our business world of hiring and firing, one can get the impression that just any body will do. But’s it’s just not true.

When you fill a position, you fill it like no other. And when you leave, your position really goes with you. Nobody will ever do the job like you do it.

There may be close to 7 billion people in the world. But each one is incredibly valuable and unique.

No one will ever take your place.

You bring something to the world that no one else brings.

That’s why figuring out who you are and what you bring are so important.

If you don’t bring who you are and give the gifts only you can give, the world will miss out.

That’s because you are irreplaceable.


The photo is of my dad, Marv Buenting, known to his grandchildren as, “Boggie.”



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