Top 10-#8 I Matter

20 Jun 2017

According to astronomers, our galaxy—the Milky Way—contains up to 400 billion stars. You could fit a million of our earths in our sun; yet our sun is tiny compared to Eta Carinae, an enormous star that is a million times brighter than our sun.

We are still finding planets and stars and galaxies. We are not even a spec on a spec on a spec compared to the enormity of the universe.

So how could God manage the universe and still care about me?

I am finite. Not only do I have a measurable beginning (birth) and end (death), I am very limited in my abilities.

I have a finite capacity to multi-task, am terrible with details, forget stuff on a regular basis, and sometimes make bad decisions. I am only so smart; I will never be a brain surgeon or even a famous drummer.

We often assign value to things that are rare. Gold and diamonds are considered rare (perception is everything), so they are expensive.

People with unique abilities are looked up to because they are rare. Billionaires are a small minority. Twinkie snack cakes rose in value when it looked like they were going away.

However, people are not rare. You only have to visit India or a big city to realize this. We are somewhere around 7 billion on the planet now. Wow, not rare.

So how much value do I as an individual actually have? I’m not rare and I’m really, really tiny in the grand scheme of things.

Imagine getting the most famous brains from history in one room: Einstein, Tesla, Jesus, Da Vinci, Polgar, Jobs, Neuton, and a few dozen others. Think of the brainpower you would have. Yet they would be limited.

Imagine a being that does not have limitations; someone with unlimited intelligence, wisdom, resources, attention, creativity, and patience; someone with the ability to know all, be everywhere all the time, and never run out of energy.

I think there is massive evidence that God is like that.

So when I ponder how a God who manages the universe can care about little ole me, I am reminded that I’m also thinking about someone with unlimited intelligence and abilities, and who has also proven to be kind, generous and likened more to a lover than a monster.

Then I get it.

It’s not about size or rarity. It’s about love and limitlessness.

You are incredibly valuable. God knows the number of the hairs on your head, what your cells are doing, how you’re choosing to live your life, what your pains and challenges are, and what contribution to the universe only you can give.




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