01 Mar 2016

Do you have good friends? I really mean outrageously committed, better-than-you, willing-to-go-the-mile friends who love you at your best AND your worst?

I often reflect on my life that has been so enriched with quality and diverse people. Yet the longer I live, I get to experience even more awesomely unconditional, profound levels of friendship. Every time I think I’ve reach the pinnacle of what friendships can be, I find another level.

I was recently going through some particularly deep, troubling and emotionally disturbing issues. The cool thing is I didn’t have to go through them alone.

I met with several close friends who helped me talk through and walk through intense pain, helping me come to new levels of freedom and release.

FriendshipQuoteBut how seldom we allow ourselves to go to such depth.

In my recent crisis, I was desperate, as the issues I faced were a long-time coming and connected to years of “stuff.”

Isn’t that when we reach out? It’s often in the pain and suffering that we come to the end our ourselves and find ourselves in the arms of loving friends who not only comfort us, but help us graduate to the next level.

I am blown away that so many people love me. They really, really love me.

This makes me reflect on what had to be in place for that to happen.

  • Have friends who are better than you. Don’t always be the smartest, most loving or wisest one in the room.
  • Invest in others. Love them. Be generous with them. When you are in need, you’ll likely be surprised who steps up to love on you.
  • Be vulnerable and open. When we open to others who are worthy of our trust, they can help us navigate the sinkholes of life.
  • Face your shit. We all have crap in our lives. But stuffing it or hiding it from others only wounds us further.
  • Be a friend. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The way to have a friend is to be one.”
  • Be real and let others be real with you.
  • Accept friendship. Don’t be one of those who drives people away.
  • Don’t be afraid to show emotion. Occasionally we all need to swear, yell or cry. You are human, so it’s ok so express human emotion.

Magnificent sunsets can take your breath away.

Creative expression can transport you to another place.

But healthy friendships will make you and the world better in every way.

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