039: Get Past Stuck

15 Feb 2016

An interview with Mark Tuggle, author of the new book, Get Past Stuck: How to Take Control of Your Spiritual Journey and Experience Full Life in Christ.GetPastStuck

This podcast is for anyone who not only feels stuck, but also anyone who is questioning beliefs they grew up with or who has thrown out religion all together. The author discusses why church and other institutions keep people from asking hard questions and developing into mature thinkers. He also offers very practical steps in reclaiming your spirituality and developing your own unique faith journey. The book is available in paperback or Kindle version from Amazon.

Mark Tuggle

Tuggle suggests making 3 lists:

  1. Crap I no longer believe
  2. Things I’m not sure I believe anymore
  3. Things I still believe to be true

You might also be interested in a related article by Richard Rohr on Cosmos Instead of Churchiness.




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