033: Boundless

08 Aug 2015

Bryan Bishop has been writing stories for many years but is new to the book scene. After conducting interviews and doing research around the world for almost 20 years, he has just released his first book, Boundless: What Global Expressions of Faith Teach Us About Following Jesus.

In it, he shares stories of faith that have emerged from unexpected sources—hidden movements of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and others who are experiencing and following Jesus outside of traditional Christian channels. These are people that have likely never even met a Christian or learned how to look for God in culturally Western fashion.

BryanBishopIn researching the fascinating expressions of other cultures and religions, Bryan found an ability to not only learn from others, but identified some fascinating keys to spirituality that can inform the rest of us.

From the book’s back cover: “If you want to grow in areas where you feel stagnant or disillusioned, if you are concerned bout friends who have left the church behind, or if you chafe against the European-American cultural box into which we force Christianity, you will find in this book a liberating view of what it looks like to follow Christ.”

Boundless is about rediscovering cultural diversity in Christianity that has been stifled for centuries. It’s also about Westerners who are increasingly fleeing the institutional church in record numbers. From pages 29-30 in the book:

“I wonder if there’s a parallel with the appetite in the West for ethnic cuisine. Could it be that Christianity, as it grew up in Europe and America, developed its own kinds of flavor? I has become like good old European meat, potatoes, and gravy. Or to Americanize it, like the hamburger. Christianity basically smells like and tastes like hamburgers and french fries. It might have been altered a little bit, just as McDonald’s adds salsas or sauces or vegetables depending on the country they’re in, but it’s still basically burgers and fries wherever you go. Just s sthe Golden Arches connote a foreign food, now Christian steeples give off that same aroma.

That’s bad if people think that to follow Jesus they have to give up their falafel or their tempura and eat nothing but the Big Mac. But it’s also bad for the land of hamburgers if that’s all there is to eat…”

Boundless: What Global Expressions of Faith Teach Us About Following Jesus is widely available at bookstores and online. It comes in paperback, Nook and Kindle formats.

Visit http://boundlessjesus.com to read more about Bryan Bishop and access resources, including a fresh group bible study guide that goes beyond the cultural box!

To read more about the book, visit: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/takeandread/2015/06/boundless-what-global-expressions-of-faith-teach-us-about-following-jesus/



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