Stop Saying You’re Fine!

02 Aug 2015

According to motivational speaker, Mel Robbins, one of the worst words in the English language is, “fine!” We get stuck and fail to move forward because we tell ourselves (and others) we are fine.

We fail to lose weight, make more money or all the other things we never achieve.

The solution, says Robbins, is to stop screwing yourself over and activate your energy.

It’s simple, she says, but not easy.

Watch this very liberating and encouraging TED Talk video to help you get unstuck.

Robbins principles?

Force yourself:

  • Out of your head
  • Past your feelings
  • Outside your comfort zone
  • Practice the 5 second rule (act within 5 seconds of getting an idea)








You can purchase Mel Robbin’s book, Stop Saying You’re Fine here.

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