You Need A Budget

28 Jul 2015

I am on a quest to be financially healthy. And for me to be successful in any area of my life, I need a SYSTEM that helps me accomplish my goals.

It must be easy to use and convenient.

At the beginning of 2012, I began looking for a program to keep track of my money, and was so pleased when I found You Need A Budget, or “YNAB” for short. My readers can get a $6 discount  on the software by linking from this site. And students can get the software for FREE with proof of school registration!

I had used Quicken to balance my checkbook for years. But when a computer upgrade made the program unusable, I was forced to find an alternative. What I found does so much more. And Lord knows I needed more.

YNAB has software for both your computer (Mac or PC) and smartphone (iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire), syncing all your devices effortlessly via Cloud Sync. Not only does it keep track of your checking account, but ALL your accounts including savings, credit cards, and Pay Pal. It also contains your budget, so you can keep track of what comes in and what goes out. Reports show you exactly what your money is doing.

YNAB money management so simple, even I can do it! And I’m numerically challenged!

However, YNAB is much more than software. The company offers free live and recorded classes to teach you how to use the software and the method.

They teach a four-rule method to help you stop living pay check to pay check, get out of debt and save more money. They are:

  • Rule #1 – Give every dollar a job
  • Rule #2 – Save for a rainy day
  • Rule #3 – Roll with the punches
  • Rule #4 – Live on last month’s income

YNAB has a FREE audio podcast hosted by the company’s founder, Jesse Mecham. I LOVE the podcast because I learn so many principles for handling money and am encouraged to do smart things financially. I subscribed through iTunes podcasts; new episodes automatically download to my iPhone. Then I listen while driving, gardening or doing chores.

YNAB is also free for students! Just sign up and submit documentation that you’re enrolled in an educational program. I highly recommend this for college students.

YNAB is always innovating new products, many of which are free to its users. They also have a YNAB Works study guide, and just launched a free 10-day investing course.

This system works! For the first time I know where my money is going, am planning better, and am not living on the edge.

Keep track of all your accounts, pay off your debts, and tell your money what to do! It’ works!

I encourage you to check their site and download your free 34-day full featured demo.





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