Listening part 1

30 Jun 2015

There are many myths about listening—mostly that hearing and listening are the same thing. Wrong; there are key differences.

In this two-part series, we will focus on developing more effective listening skills.

Great listening skills are essential for relationships and careers. Yet many of us are oblivious to how to do it.

When we truly listen to someone, we ascribe value to them. Even if we don’t care about what they’re talking about, we can be motivated to listen because we care about the person.

Watch this short video by Willard Barth on Improving Your Active Listening Skills. He shares some great principles, despite describing a person of faith vs. an open-minded person; they don’t necessarily have to be diametrically apposed (thought they sometimes are).


On the next post I’ll share more principles for developing becoming a better listener.

Royalty free image by Ben Earwicker – Garrison Photography, Boise, ID – Retrieved from



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