Quit loving the sinner

23 Jun 2015

Love the sinner but hate the sin. So goes the old Christian saying.

But it is really a good saying? Is there is a good philosophy behind it, or might it need some significant tweaking?

I came across a very provocative article on this and knew I had to share it with you. Get Control Of Your Life is not only about generating new content, but sharing great stuff we come across. The post is by mom, Beth Woosley, published on her blog titled, 5 Kids Is A Lot Of Kids

Woosley claims the saying, “Love the sinner, but hate the sin,” is not in the bible and actually originated with Augustine of Hippo (whom some people call a Saint) and his Confessions.

I’ve read the 4th century theologian’s treatise and actually done a fair amount of research on the man.

Augustine was a tortured soul who, before converting to Christianity, lived a morally depraved life and was a member of a wacky cult. He brought many neo-platonic ideas into Christianity as well as his guilt-driven views of the material world.

While Augustine’s influence on Christian theology is undeniable, reconsidering some of his positions is clearly appropriate.

Please take a few minutes to read this important article: http://bethwoolsey.com/2013/10/3-reasons-i-quit-loving-the-sinner-and-hating-the-sin/

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