08 Jun 2015

There are friends by convenience. There are friends by blood. There are TV, Friends. And there are friends you deliberately choose to share life with (that make TV Friends look like playing house.)

We’ve all experienced all of these.

I am so glad to have a group of friends that see each other twice a month. We actually schedule it. And while some in the world might think it’s a strange thing to have to schedule a meting, by American standards, we find organizing ourselves on a regular schedule is great.

We like it that way. It works for us.

I started the group 2 1/2 years ago because I felt the need to form a group to go through life with. And apparently it struck a cord with the others as well.

Relationships and groups can form over many touch points. They can share similar interests, like golf or cards. They can form because of a common faith. They can organize around almost anything.

My group had two prominent things in common:

  1. They knew me.
  2. They were all in the same decade of life sharing similar challenges and goals.

We decided to meet twice a week to see how it went.

While I tried to introduce an agenda several times, the group has mostly just enjoyed the social aspect. They know it’s a place where they can eat and drink, relax and just share their lives.

And everyone seems to think it’s really good thing.

How is your social life? Have you considered being very deliberate about starting a group centered on something in common? Do you feel there is a group of folsk who could use a friend, enjoy a place to fit, and just do life together?

You have much to give. And so do those in your sphere of influence.

Think about who you could connect with to form a group; You all just might discover something you didn’t even know you needed. And so might they.



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