Live Intentionally

31 Mar 2015

Do you struggle with keeping a healthy perspective?

I have made multiple changes in my life in the past couple of years. After traveling extensively to teach and produce videos for non-profits all over the world, I am now focusing on teaching in the U.S. (in addition to blogging and podcasting).

A challenge is to keep thinking globally while working locally.

It is so easy for us to become myopic (narrow-minded) and me-focused.

This plays on a theme my community college studied this week: emotions. It’s so easy for our minds and emotions to go places that are small-minded and self-serving.

We have to be intentional to maintain the big picture, remember the goals we have set, and be other-focused.

I found the following a timely message for you and myself.

“It is often tempting to look at the lives of many great Christian figures and assume that the reason they were able to live their impressive lives was because they were simply better people than you are me. However, as we study these figures, we find that more often than not, the only difference between us and them is the future they saw and were fighting for. Whenever we become short-sighted to the point of only focusing on our bank statements, deadlines, and Netflix queue, we are bound to live uninspired lives.”*

Take a moment to reassess, re-grab the larger perspective and live intentionally.


* Quote from Rusty Gates, M.Div. The Cycle of Life: A Lenten Devotional (Sunday before Easter) from Bloom Church in Denver.

Royalty-free image by Johan Borg of Sweden; retrieved from:




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