Where is God?

02 Feb 2015

Where do you find The Divine?

This is an age-old question, yet one that has to be answered by every person in every generation. And nobody can answer it for you.

Where do YOU find God? It may not be the answer you think you’re supposed to have, or where other people do.

God is everywhere and in all. That means the Divine is in you, in your house, in beautiful sunsets and in the trees. (God is in the trees; that doesn’t mean the trees are God.)

If the Divine is everywhere, then God is closer than your breath. Think about that; closer than your breath.

I love the traditional greeting of the Maori natives of New Zealand. Two people touch foreheads and noses; they literally take a moment to share breath. This may seem intimidating or gross to you, but I promise, it is an amazing experience. Now translate that to the Divine. Imagine sharing breath with the Divine…anyplace, any situation, all the time.

Do you think God is far away, either because you feel guilty, you’re depressed or you don’t go to church?

Theologian Rob Bell has points out that the very name of God is related to our breath. When we inhale, it’s like where’s saying, “Yah.” Likewise, when we exhale, we make the sound of, “Weh.”

“Yaweh, yaweh.”

The average adult breathes 12 to 20 times a minute. That means you are saying the name of God 12 to 20 times a minute. Yet how oblivious we are.

Where do you find the Divine? Where is God to you?

Have you limited God to the confines of the church building? Is the Divine only real to you when you’re praying or reading the Bible, while listening to some music but not other? Do you try to find God where other people tell you then are disappointed?

Or do you find God in art, music, nature? Do you find God in quiet moments of reflection, in the actions of a friend, in a walk in a forest?

If the Divine is everywhere, then perhaps the question is not, “Where do you find God,” but rather, “Are your eyes open to see God where He is?”

Never stop looking.

Rob Bell talks about this concept in his short Nooma video, Breathe. You can watch it here.





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