What Are You Thankful For?

27 Nov 2014

Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving today. It’s a time to reflect on what is most meaningful in our lives. What matters most? What are you thankful for?

If you ask most people, they don’t think about the new big screen TV or how much they made in the stock market. They think about relationships–which really are the most precious things in our lives.

Here are what some responses from people I asked:

GabeCroppedGABE: Family & friends. Hanging out with family. My new nephew. That my big brother didn’t marry a psycho. My  brother (currently serving with the Army overseas) and my new sister-in-law.


MELINA: (The new sister-in-law): My 2nd family. A really good (1st) baby Melaina



Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 1.23.57 PMNOEL: Freedom to worship the Lord, the gift of life, family and friends.



IsaacCroppedISAAC: Family and friends and all the things that keep us alive.



XayaXAYA: Food, water, shelte, gymnastics. Everybody around me. Being able to live with the Lord.



ChrisCHRIS: Freedom, rights and family. Glad I’m home and not somewhere protecting your freedom (Chris is a Marine).



Erick ERICK: Family and everything they do for me.



ChristinaCropped CHRISTINA: A husband that provides (the Marine). Always family.



Oliver OLIVER: My first Thanksgiving.



DEBRA: Family and friends around the world, a loving God who is not a monster, hot showers, electricity, running water, heat, easy transportation, the Internet, digital technologies, fun and fulillment. What a great time to be alive!



This is Thanksgiving Day. Don’t cheapen it to “Turkey Day!”



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