13: Top Technologies to Get Control Of Your Life

12 Nov 2014

Rodney Blevins and Dr. Deb talk about some of their favorite technologies that help them get control of their lives. (Some of these would make wonderful gifts!) Here are links to some of the items mentioned:

Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet This single-serving blender is perfect for making breakfast smoothies. Start the day out right by drinking a healthy meal (on the go) with whatever you want to add. There are lots of recipes out there; Dr. Deb’s includes frozen blueberries, mixed fruit and banana, orange juice, whey protein powder, greens (like spinach, etc. if on hand; you won’t even taste them), lecithin and collagen.

Audible books Awesome way to learn while on the go. Listen to audio books while driving, doing chores, gardening, waiting for appointments, etc. Is great for people who have trouble focusing or sitting still.

A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage (audio book) An example of the many non-fiction books available from Audible.

Amazon Kindle

Kindle reading devices Dedicated ebook reading devices available from Amazon. Kindle reading devices include features that are unique, like 1 free checkout per month (with Amazon Prime) and (on the Fire), text to voice for listening.

Kindle app Available for your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. The app is free and allows you to access Kindle books from Amazon.

I Love Kindle article by Dr. Deb An past article on the advantages of reading electronic books.

Podcasts iOS (Apple) app Listen to free podcasts by downloading this app for iOS (Apple) devices. The app now comes standard with iOS8.

Roku Streaming Box

Stitcher for Android and Apple Another app that makes it easy to access podcasts. Is probably the best choice for Android devices.

iTunes Podcasts The iTunes library has more podcasts than any other service.

Digital Bible.  You Version online Bible and smartphone app Choose from hundreds of reading plans including year-long, whole or partial bible, seasonal (like Advent), and thematic (family, youth, grief, hope, trust, suffering, friendship, etc.). Also features hundreds of translations in many languages. You can easily switch between versions to compare texts. Some versions allow you to listen to professional narration while you read.

Spoken Word audio Bible iOS app Listen to the bible from your device. Dr. Deb enjoyed this using her iPhone in the past.

Amazon Echo

Steaming TV – Roku Cut the cable (or satellite) subscription and access thousands of free programs using a streaming box that you connect to you TV. Streaming devices include Apple TV, Kindle Fire TV, Google Chromecast and many more. Access apps for free and only subscribe to pay services you want like Netflix and Hulu Plus ($8/month each) and Amazon movies & TV (many included with annual Prime subscription).

Amazon Echo The newest device from Amazon. You can talk to Echo to ask for information, news, weather and more. Will stream music from Amazon as well as from your smart devices via Bluetooth. (This would make an awesome Christmas gift, wink wink.)



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