012: Living Luxuriously On Any Budget

06 Nov 2014
Rodney Blevins
Rodney Blevins
Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb

Rodney Blevins and Dr. Deb talk about financial principles to help you live on any budget but still feel like you can indulge in some luxuries.

1. Get on a budget (We recommend YNAB software to do your budget and keep track of all your accounts. Click here to try the desktop software free for 30-days & purchase it for $6 off.

2. Save for things you want; don’t buy them on credit when you don’t have the money.

3. Live simply, then little things become luxuries.

4. Pick your 2-3 luxury items that are important to you. These can be as simple as a quality brand of Ketchup to an awesome espresso machine.



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