Magic Eraser

03 Nov 2014

Mr. Clean has a whole line of “Magic Erasers” that promise to remove dirt, scuffs, soap scum and other nastiness of life.

But what if there was a product to erase a particularly difficult or painful time in your life? Would you use it? Would you use a magic eraser to make it as though the thing never happened?

The past five years were very painful for me. It was filled with misunderstandings between working groups, relationship breakdowns, mistakes and regrettable moments. I hate those memories and wish they would go away.

However, if I used a magic eraser to make them disappear, I would also lose the valuable lessons and personal growth I experienced.

What about you? Would you implement a magic eraser if you could? Would you trade the pain-free memories AND the growth opportunities you experienced for the peace of mind that it never happened?

Life is a series of changes, events, disappointments and pain. Shit happens. But life is also a journey of growth, faith, change and new opportunities.

Think about this next time you wish an event or period of you life would just go away.


Mr. Clean® is a registered trademark of Proctor and Gamble. The name and image used in this article is used without permission and is neither an endorsement nor a criticism of the Magic Eraser of any of the P&G products.



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