010: Rate Your Life

14 Oct 2014
Wheel of Life
Wheel of Life

We all need tools to help us measure our lives and track our progress. The Wheel of Life is a great tool that helps you rate career, health & fitness, money, relationships, personal development and spirituality. In this episode, life coaches Jeannette Slater and Dr. Deb discuss the usefulness of the wheel as a tool to rate six areas of your your life. We discuss how it has been helpful in our own lives as well as some of our coaching clients.

Click here to access the wheel. Print it out and spend a few minutes to reflect on these aspects of your life. Rate each one by circling a number between 1 and 10. Then draw a line to connect all the circled numbers. It’s very difficult to make actual goals when you don’t know where you’re starting or where you want to go.



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