004: Life Coaching

03 Sep 2014
Jeannette Slater
Jeannette Slater
Dr. Deb

In this episode, Dr. Deb and Jeannette Slater talk about the power of life coaching. A life coach is one who comes alongside you to help you clarify what your goals are. Then the coach helps you discern the next steps to reach your goals. They’re also there to cheer you on as you live out your plan. Coaching is all about helping you take what you hope for, dream, or imagine and making it become a reality.

Jennette has logged more than 1700 hours coaching individuals and teams to be more effective at accomplishing their goals since 1995. Dr. Deb has recently completed a 1-year coach training program.

You can read more about life coaching here.

You can also request a coach through Get Control Of Your Life by clicking here.



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