The Podcast Is Here!

29 Aug 2014

The Get Control Of Your Life Podcast is here!

It includes conversations between Dr. Deb and all sorts of fascinating people who have worked hard to get control of their lives. They bring expertise in topics as diverse as volunteerism, exercise, life coaching, developing a vibrant spiritual life, and tools for success. We also have a cool intro by a real British guy!

Not sure what a podcast is? It’s like radio that you stream or download from the internet. The cool thing about a podcast is you can listen to podcasts about very specific topics you’re interested in.

Popular apps and services allow you to access podcasts about topics you are interested in. When you subscribe, you are automatically notified whenever new episodes are released.

The Get Control Of Your Life podcast is about growing a strong and fruitful life. It’s available on this site. Click on the top right item “Podcast”on the menu or just click here.

The podcast is available FREE to Mac and iOs (iPhone/iPad/iPod) (and even PC) users from the iTunes Store

It’s available to Android and PC users via Stitcher. Download the free app here or listen directly from the Stitcher website.

The podcast is completely free. No one will ask you for anything except to reflect on the content (produced to inspire you and give you resources to grow a strong and fruitful life).

Have a listen. If you like it, tell a friend. And please rate the podcast and leave a comment; it will help our ranking and make it easier for others to find us.

Image designed by Rita Burke of with assistance from Kristina Storey

Many, many thanks to the coolest techie guy I know, Rodney Blevins, for his many hours to make this podcast happen.

Thanks also to our very own cool British announcer, Peter Kingsley!




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