Feed Your Soul

26 Aug 2014

How do you feed your soul?

What gives you life instead of sucking life out of you? Just like you need food and sleep to be healthy, so you need to feed your soul!

I enjoy quite Sunday mornings, time with friends, audio books, time in nature, and of course, music.

I especially like to play my, “soul food” play list on Sundays and other times when I need to block out the world, quiet my soul, and focus spiritually. It’s a collection of music that touches my soul and encourages me.

I love to take my dogs for hikes in the mountains, (though that doesn’t happen enough).

I enjoy a cold beverage or two with close friends.

I read books that are deep and shake me out of my little boxes.

I take time each morning to nurture a devotional life. I sit, drink coffee, read and pray. It’s an awesome way to begin the day.

What gives you life?

What feeds your soul?

Sometimes we are so focused on meeting others’ expectations, living up to obligations, and caring for others, that we fail to feed and care for ourselves.

It is only by being healthy and well fed that you can truly give yourself to others.

Think about what gives you life. Then schedule some time to it this week.

Don’t give in to the, “I don’t have time,” argument. You can’t afford not to.


Photo by Solenberg; retrieved from http://www.freeimages.com/photo/1440800



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