Shut Up!

06 Aug 2014

Maintaining sanity in a noisy world is more and more challenging. Everybody wants a piece of us, from advertisers to kids to needy friends.

It’s ok to have boundaries. In fact, healthy people have lots of healthy boundaries.

We are the most over-stimulated people in history. We think we have to be available to everybody all the time.


If you struggle with too much noise in your life, try giving yourself permission to say later or NO! (If you won’t give yourself permission, allow me!)

  • It’s ok to turn off your cell phone and other devices. or wait till later to respond. People die in traffic because they think a text can’t wait.
  • Make wise decisions with your time and resources. While it’s good to be generous with others, their needs do not necessarily set your priorities.
  • Look for ways to quiet your mind. Maybe leaving the TV off (especially early morning and late at night) will give you much needed time alone with your thoughts.
  • Take time each day to be still and think about your priorities.
  • Try relaxing techniques like prayer, meditation or yoga.
  • Take time for yourself. You only give life to others when there is life inside of you.


Photo by Russian photographer, Maria Beliakova, of Jet Media. Retrieved from




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