Seek and Serve

19 Jul 2014

Grant James is a well-known actor and friend of mine from Dallas. In fact' he's in Dumb and Dumber To with Jim Carrey that will be released in November. Jim recently had a health scare with a bleeding ulcer than landed him in the hospital needed 4 pints of blood. Though certainly not a pleasant experience, this experience was positive in many ways. Below is what he wanted to share with you.

"I recently had a brush with my own mortality. I wasn’t aware of it, but I was told the surgery was just in time. Since then, I have been flooded with prayers and well wishes from literally hundreds of friends and acquaintances. It’s been overwhelming. And I’m grateful.

A friend and I were talking about this outpouring of encouragement, and she said a significant thing. “I go to work every day at a job I don’t particularly like, with people who are not particularly nice.” She continued, “so when I heard of all the wonderful wishes and prayers for you, I was warmed to know there are still really good people in the world.”

I got to thinking about what she said. Then it occurred to me that there are many people we know (or run into every day) who might say the same thing. They try to hang on to what “niceness” they can in the world without being too impatient or irritable. They get discouraged, because “stuff happens” and it’s not always easy to stay positive. It seems to me these are the people—everyday people— who need our prayers and good wishes.

My church congregation’s mission is: “To seek and serve Christ in all persons.”

If what I’m learning is true, it sure doesn’t take much seeking. It’s not that hard to be nice and show some kindness. And it can make all the difference in the recipient’s life."


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