You Can Do It!

08 Jul 2014

I did it! My fancy automatic espresso machine was jacked; it seemed to have a problem, and I couldn’t figure out if it was mechanical or electrical.

Turns out, it was neither. It was coffee; stuck coffee.

Yup, the thing they don’t tell you (up front) when you get one of these complicated systems is the kind of regular and periodic maintenance you need to perform.

But I fixed it!

What motivated me was not wanting to ship the machine back to Seattle where it was purchased. Besides, I had just thrown out the box (after almost 6 months)!

So I educated myself.

I did online searches to find articles and videos to solve my problem.

Then I performed the surgery. And did I mention I fixed it?!!

Some things are not worth our time (if you can afford an alternative). And some things are above our skill level (like fixing my garage’s concrete foundation).

Other things are just a matter of researching and believing in ourselves.

You have incredible value because you’re made in God’s image. That’s not an issue.

True self-esteem comes with doing a job well done. It grows when we stretch ourselves and accomplish things we didn’t know were in us. It comes from fixing your fancy coffee machine, forgiving, or rising to some other challenge.

We are our own worst enemies because we doubt ourselves. We have to rewire our brains to believe what others (especially God) see in us.

Now go do that thing you need to do. You can do it!


Royalty-free image by Borb Krisztin; retrieved from



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