Think Like A Child

14 May 2014

A growing body of research shows that children are naturally inquisitive and creative. However, schools have a way of educating kids right out of their curiosity and imagination1

A whopping 84% of children score high in creativity in kindergarten. But only 10% maintain that by the second grade. 2

The British government conducted a study and found that young people lost their ability to think in “divergent or non-linear ways,” a key component of creativity. 3

This sheds new light on what Jesus might have suggested when he said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” 4

I’m currently reading How To Get Ideas by Jack Foster and noted the following statements as a personal challenge to think like a child5

  • “Children don’t have blockages because they don’t know about before, only now.
  • “They break rules every time because they do not know the rules exist.
  • “They stand up in the boat and rock it. They shout in church, play with matches and pound the piano wit their fists.
  • “They paint trees orange and grass purple…They have a sense of wonder abut the things most of us take for granted. They ask and ask and ask.”
  • As Neil Postman said, “They enter school as question marks and leave as periods.”

Our challenge is to become a question mark again.

Give yourself permission to ask questions and think new and creative thoughts.


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4 The Bible: Matthew 18:3

5 Foster, Jack (2006). How To Get Ideas. San Francisco: Barrett-Koehler Publishers


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