Life Tweaks

10 May 2014

How do you finish this sentence? If at first you don’t succeed

  • take a step back, maybe a nap and have some ice cream.
  • redefine success
  • reload and try again
  • try doing it the way your spouse told you
  • fuggedaboutit (give up and never try again)

Of course the old saying is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

But then again, Albert Einstein said, “ Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Sometimes we need to make adjustments. OK, MOST times we need to make adjustments!

Even a little piece of information or help can make all the difference.

Today I spotted my first backyard humming bird. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to attract the little critters for years. Then recently, the owner of a birdfeed shop told me to put out my feeder earlies–on April 15th (tax day in the U.S.)–so the early scouts will find it. Sure enough; it worked!

I’ve also tried vegetable gardening with limited amounts of success. Recently, I learned some important tips while attending some urban gardening lectures. Now I know I can’t put out my tomatoes until it looks like the 10-day forecast shows temperatures at night above 55 (Fahrenheit). I also learned never to transplant anything into a dry hole; always fill it with water first.

I anticipate these minor tweaks will help me have a more successful garden this year.

When we do things and fail, we often assume our complete strategy is flawed. Or we make up silly excuses like, “it was never meant to be.”

However, we usually just need to find some additional information and inspiration.

Even a little tweak can make all the difference.

Are you constantly looking for tweaks?


Hummingbird photo by Dr. Deb



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