Death by Password

14 Sep 2013

According to InformationWeek, IBM predicted back in 2011 that in five years we will not be using passwords to access secure resources like ATMs and computers. While we may be on our way to voice, fingerprint or eye recognition, we’re not there yet. And we’re stuck using passwords.

My computer is a mess. I have too many unopened emails and too much clutter on the desktop. I need a week to get my photos organized and put on an external drive. All these are on my “round-to-it” list.

However, one area that is NOT a mess or stress is managing my passwords. And I have a LOT of them!

I use a little program that effortlessly manages them for me.

I’m amazed when I see friends or colleagues struggle to remember passwords, look around their desk for various little pieces of papers, or use one or two passwords for everything they do online. Bad ideas!

There are multiple little programs to keep track of your passwords. Some you buy; some are free.

A password program works like this. You input all the web sites you visit that require a password. You either enter the password you want to use, or let the program generate one.

You only have to memorize ONE PASSWORD!

Then every time you visit a web site, you double click on that entry and the program does the rest; it brings up the site, enters your logon and password, and logs you into the site.

No copying and pasting. No forgetting passwords ever again.

Password managers are available for your computer, tablet and smartphone.1password

I personally use 1Password on my Mac and iPhone. (It’s also available for PCs, Androids and iPads.) I easily sync all my passwords between my devices, so a change in one shows up via the cloud in another. At $49.99 for the computer version, the utility isn’t cheap, but I think well worth it! However, use the coupon code MacPowerUsers to get $10 off! 

This is an award winning solution that was rated the top password manager by (click on their link below).

Other options you might research and consider.

Dashlane for Mac and iPhone (from the Apple App Store) You can read PC World’s review here: Dashlane is a robust password manager with a gorgeous interface. You can download the Windows version directly from the review page.

Check out these sites to help you find the password manager that will meet your needs and fit your budget. I promise you WON’T be sorry.

InformationWeek Top 10 Password Managers

Intego 8 Password Manager Options for Mac and iOS

Lifehacker Five Best Password Managers

PC World’s Best Password Managers: Top 4 Reviewed

I hope this simple step saves you hours of frustration, makes your life simpler, and helps you get control of one more aspect of your life.







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