Be Positive!

08 Aug 2013

“Be positive regardless! Life is sweet!” Those are the words inscribed in the front of Watermelon Credo, a little book given to me by the author, Wally Amos.

Most people know him as the cookie man who invented Famous Amos Cookies.

I ran into Wally Amos as he was selling his newest “Wamos” cookies in front of a hotel on Waikiki in Hawaii. I’d hoped to interview him for my upcoming podcast, but he was unable to make the appointment. So we chatted.

I found Wally to be a delightful man who never gives up. Though in his 70s, he refuses to quit life. Instead he continues to start companies, write books, and speak to groups. Somewhere along the way he founded a group called Read it LOUD!, a foundation that encourages parents to read aloud to their children everyday. He knows that reading is a key to success.

Wally has had his ups and downs. From humble beginnings, he served in the military, and then became an entrepreneur. He didn’t wait for anyone to give him anything; he knew he had the power and the responsibility to create his own destiny.

Wally was very public about the mistakes he made that led to loosing control of his Famous Amos Cookie Company. “I made the mistake of thinking the company was all about me and never realized that I could be part of the problems that befell it,” he wrote. “Now I subscribe to the TEAM adage, that Together Everyone Accomplishes More.”

In his little book, Watermelon Credo, Wally (who loves the fruit and wears his signature watermelon hat), shares 10 principles for a successful life:

Whatever you believe creates your reality

Attitude is the magic word

Together everyone achieves more

Enthusiasm is the wellspring of life

Respect yourself, a well as others

Make commitments, not excuses

Every day can be a fun day

Love is the answer

One day at a time

Never give up or become a victim

The Watermelon Credo is a sweet and encouraging little book with great lessons and reminders for kids, tweens and adults. You can find it at Amazon and other bookstores.




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