Do You Need A Life Coach?

18 Jul 2013

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

During the past year I have been training to be a lay life coach. In addition to studying, I’ve also had the privileged of being coached myself; It’s been an incredibly life-giving and transformational experience, one that’s taken me to the next level in several aspects of my life. So I asked my own coach, Jeannette Slater, if she would write an article on this strategy in hopes that you might look for your own coach and give it a try. – Dr Deb.

How many times have you come away from a conversation, a seminar, a good book or any other learning event thinking, “Wow, I would love to implement that in my life! It would make all the difference!”…and then the phone rings with the latest urgency and months later something is tickling in the back of your mind….”Oh yeah, I had good intentions…oh well…”

Perhaps you need a personal life coach.

A life coach is one who comes alongside you to help you clarify what your goals are. Then the coach helps you discern the next steps to reach your goals. They’re also there to cheer you on as you live out your plan.

Coaching is all about helping you take what you hope for, dream, or imagine and making it become a reality.

A life coach doesn’t come with direction or the answers.  Their role is not to tell you what to do, but to help you find the answers that are in you that you don’t know are there! They are more like a midwife than a counselor.

The coach’s role is to listen and ask good questions that uncover the keys to the best future you can imagine. Once you have that clarity, a coach will provide loving accountability so that you reach your goals and don’t get side tracked by the tyranny of the urgent.

People seek coaching for all kinds of reasons, but the main reason is to help accomplish goals that feel out of reach. A coach can provide the added support needed, the ‘leg up’ to reach goals. These can be in any area of life, such as achieving a healthier lifestyle, reaching financial goals, or taking a career to the next level.

Since I’m a coach, I can give you all kinds of reasons why I think you need of coach. I wouldn’t be doing what I do if I didn’t think it was vital and helpful.

But instead of giving you my reasons why you might seek out a coach, I decided to ask those I coach what their experience is of coaching and what they would identify as the top benefit they receive.

Here are their answers

  • I value the accountability.
  • Facing a new season of life, coaching has helped me find new enthusiasm for what lies ahead.
  • It helps me stay focused on what God is calling me to do.
  • I’m challenged to use my gifts to their maximum potential
  • Reviewing progress toward goals is very affirming.
  • The verbal processing is so valuable in looking at the challenges I face – it brings things into perspective
  • Having someone help me see how much I have accomplished.
  • God really has already given me the answer and coaching helps me uncover what I already know.
  • Keeps me tuned to the voice of God in my life and ministry.
  • It’s very freeing – helping me get unstuck and move forward.

What are your big dreams? What goal has been burning in your heart that you feel called to go after? What obstacle in your life keeps you from achieving your goals? What personal consistence in your life would make a difference in your productivity and enjoyment of life?

Once you have an idea of what you would like to achieve, find a life coach who can help you sharpen that vision and take first steps to make it a REALITY!

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