Round Tuit

06 May 2013

I had a friend named Bob who had a habit of making pithy statements about life. By pithy I mean he could articulate profound statements about aspects of life that others sometimes avoided. I remember he had this little round thing with “Tuit” written on it.

Bob explained that people are always saying, “I’ll get around to it.”

In thinking about stuff we want to do someday, we tell ourselves we’ll get “around to it,” We complain we never have the time to do the things we know will cause us to grow or make a difference. We say we will do them someday, but then someday never comes. We have a lot of round tuits laying around.

These are the very things that keep us stuck. It’s so easy to coast, remain comfortable, and keep the status quo, whether it’s in our career, relationships, spirituality, finances, health or personal development. Our worst enemy lives between our ears, convincing us that for whatever reason, that needn’t even try.

What are your round tuits? What are the things you’ve been putting off, deceiving yourself into thinking you don’t have the time, or thinking that you’ll get to someday.

This week identify one of your round tuits. Set a SMART GOAL to actually get “around to it.” Setting SMART GOALS is the first step to achieving success.

SMART goals






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